Following are some of the applications I have developed:

Course Review Screenshot

Course Review Website for NYUAD

The Course Review Website is a place where NYUAD students go to share feedback on courses they have taken or are planning to take.I developed it using Python (Flask) in the backend and HTML, CSS and Javascript in the frontend. Its features include user authentication, custom search, user profiles,and a rating system.

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Store Recommender ScreenShot

US Store Recommender

This is a system that recommends stores to a given US Shopping Center. I built the web service with Python Flask and for the recommender I used a library called Crab. Some other technologies used include: HTML, CSS, JQuery.

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Pump Me Up Screenshot

Pump Me Up!

This project consists of an API for motivational quotes. And the site is built on top of the API. I built both the API and the site using NodeJS in the backend. The quotes are saved in a MongoDB database. In the frontend I used Bootstrap and JQuery among other libraries.

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Teen2Teen ScreenShot

Teen2Teen Website

This is the website of an NGO based in Phoenix, Arizona. The backend is powered by Wordpress which is a PHP based CMS. The frontend is developed using HTML, CSS, and Javascript. Some of the features of the sites are : custom search, comment system and a blog.

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